Here at Seleqtia Tours we all share one thing in common, we all love Girona and the Costa Brava. Some of us were born in this land and lived here all our lives and others who came from far and by destiny. We want to bring to you the best kept secrets and places hidden in this  unexploited region of Catalonia, Spain. 

How It Works

You can choose from one of our prepared packages or allow us to custom design a "A La Carte" package just for you. Our goal is to provide an exciting and memorable travel experience that you will greatly enjoy!

Anton Bas & Monica Sanchez

It all began on Dec 21, 1999, when Anton and Monica decided to move back to Monica's hometown in the Costa Brava and start a new life together just after getting married 2 months before and with their first child on the way. Monica introduced to her new husband the land that she loves and left behind when they met back in the States.  He quickly fell in love with a part Spain he had never visited or even knew about. Before they both could even wink an eye, 15 years had passed and Anton felt as if he had lived there all his life. 

As an American who was lucky enough to have lived in the land of Dali, I would love to share the culture, food and the landscapes this wonderful land has to offer and not many of my fellow countrymen know about.